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Aquinas: Predestination and Free Will

So last week we talked about how in Aquinas, people are sinners and God sort of lifts some of them out of that sin. Aquinas argues that God never actively rejects anyone, but that people reject God through their sins and God in His benevolence lifts some people back into holy communion. This is basically the core of salvation for most Christians, although the difference is that many traditions will emphasise our free choice: so we have to choose to come back to God, and if we don’t it’s our own fault. As it happens, Aquinas has a lot to say about free will too. (more…)


Aquinas: Predestination

As might be evident, I’m back! My Masters went in last Friday – at the time of writing, that is – and I expect the schedule to get back to normal. It’s been over a year since I announced a break, and since then I’ve written, ah, 28 pieces. But as I say, we’re getting back up to speed now: two posts a week, one on video games, and one on theology. My Masters was actually on representations of religion in video games, so it’s been nice being able to bring the interests represented here into one work. Anyway: let’s get back into Thomas Aquinas. When we last talked about Thomas, we were moving towards predestination. In fact, we were right on the precipice of that conversation. Today, we’re gonna get into it. No more delays – predestination is finally here.  (more…)

Identity Politics: A Field Report

You might be familiar with the idea of identity politics. It’s a term with actually quite a long history, but most recently it’s being used by right-wingers to denote this evil divisive left-wing obsession with the queer community and other minorities to the exclusion and denigration of straight white men. This week I wanted to talk about a little case study – it’s something that I experienced recently, and I thought it shed some light on the topic.  (more…)

Queer Eye and Christianity

I’ve seen a few Christians recently getting excited about Chris Pratt talking publicly about his Christian faith. There’s a general belief within contemporary Christianity that the media and the broader public kinda resent us and want to keep us out of the public eye – so this sort of thing is received with joy by many Christians. For instance, here‘s a FOX News article on the talk. No, don’t freak out – just read it. It gets a little overexcited towards the end, but just read it and notice the general belief that mainstream culture hates Christianity. So that’s all well and good, but I wanted to talk about another time I saw Christianity on the screen recently – in Queer Eye(more…)

Jacques Maritain: On Human Rights

I’ve been supposedly talking about Jacques Maritain for four weeks now, and I don’t feel like I’ve said a damn thing about what he’s actually writing. I’m going to try and do that today – not with reference to Christianity and Democracy, but to the other volume in my book – The Rights of Man and Natural Law. I’ll give you the set-up to the last few weeks. Basically, there’s an intro to this book on Maritain that talks about how gay people are anti-Christian and anti-democratic and there’s a secret agenda to wipe democracy off the face of the earth. These last four weeks have been my form of response to that idea. Today, I’m actually finally going to look at the resources within Maritain for dealing with this idea.  (more…)