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Dark Souls: Easy Mode

I’m writing my Masters on Dark Souls – it’s a series that I have a lot of love for. In one of the Souls FB groups I’m in, somebody clipped in this image (below) about an easy mode. The comments went wild. It’s an interesting conversation, and there’s a whole bunch of different elements involved. I’ll unpack them a bit.  (more…)


Witcher 3: Romantic Expectations

I’m coming to the end of Witcher 3 after an obscene amount of game-time. It’s got a nice little sting in its romance subplot, and it raises an interesting point about game expectations. Basically, the romance subplot allows you to continue a romantic relationship with one of two sorceresses (Yennefer or Triss). There are opportunities to romance both of them at different points in the game, and there’s one of three resolutions. You commit to Yennefer, to Triss, or you try and romance both of them. If you romance both of them, the game punishes you: they find out, trick you into handcuffs (it’s a sexy lingerie trick), and leave you locked to a bed.  (more…)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Nea So Copros

I should start by saying that I love Assassin’s Creed IV. I don’t love it because it’s got a cohesive narrative, I love it because it’s really fucking fun. It’s a fun game. That said, the narrative is a hot mess, and there’s a bunch of really dumb decisions they make. Ubisoft, huh. We’re gonna talk about some of those decisions.  (more…)